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Product name : Cable Mesh Curtain
Item : 201671984932
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 Cable mesh curtain is woven by cable wire and stainless steel rigid rod,it is a decorative wire mesh used in the architecture,the popular materials are 304L,316L,brass wire,copper wire.
Stainless steel cable mesh curtain can be installed easy by different design,we can supply the accessory include bolts,clamping according to the project,The metal mesh curtain material can not be burning,and strong struction,it shows differet visual effort from different view and hour,so more and more architects choose the wire mesh curtain for the hotel,partition wall,ceiling,sunshade outdoors,stores.
The specifications of stainless steel cable mesh as per the request for different open area and light transmittance,below are part specification:
Open Area Cable Wire Diameter Cable Wire Pitch Rod Diameter Rod Pitch Mesh Thickness Weight
37.2% 3 x 0.5mm 3.5mm 0.5mm 1.4mm 1.3mm 2.4kgs/sq.m
40% 1 x 1.8mm 4.0mm 1.5mm 5.5mm 5.1mm 7.74kgs/sq.m
40% 4 x 2.0mm 50mm  3mm 6mm 7mm 11.2kgs/sq.m
42% 4 x 2.0mm 50mm 3mm 6mm 7mm 11.8kgs/sq.m
43% 1 x 2.5mm 6mm 2mm 8mm 5.5mm 7.87kgs/sq.m
44.3% 4 x 0.75mm 26.4mm 1.5mm 3mm 3mm 5.2kgs/sq.m
62% 2 x 2.75mm 40mm 4mm 14.5mm 9.5mm 9.41kgs/sq.m
62% 4 x 1.0mm 36mm 2mm 6.6mm 4mm 4.55kgs/sq.m
65% 3 x 2mm 80mm 3mm 10mm 7mm 6.67kgs/sq.m
65.9% 3 x 2.75mm 110mm 4mm 14.5mm 10mm 8.5kgs/sq.m
67% 3 x 3mm 110mm 4mm 14.2mm 10mm 8.6kgs/sq.m
71% 3 x 1.6mm 80mm 2.5mm 10mm 5.7mm 4.58kgs/sq.m

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