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The material of stainless steel filter element are single layer,filve layers or multi layers sintered metal mesh,perforated metals and stainless steel woven wire cloth.Filter element wildly uesd in polyeater,catalyzer,high temperature gas or liquid filtration and separation.Sintered matal filter element has excellent advantages as a filtration madia,they are easy backwash and working a long time at the high temperature 600 degree.High strength structure that no need fix other support.Fine wire mesh filter element with good permeability,lose wires will never happan.
Filter accuracy: 1 - 300 µm
Material available:
Stainless steel SUS304,SUS304L,SUS316,AISI316L
Monel 600

Filter element ends: flange,tire rod,threaded connector,other special ends.



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Pleated Filter Cartridge Elements
Pleated Filter Cartridge Elements
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