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Product name : Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Basket
Item : 201411418025
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We manufacture and design a series of stainless steel wire mesh basket,the mesh basket made of woven wire mesh and welded wire mesh by the support wire rod at the bottom and top edges,we keep a range of toolings & dies to make the different size wire basket,and depth can be reach by custome's request.
Material of stainless steel: AISI 304, AISI 304L, AISI 316, AISI 316L, SUS 314, SUS 310s, Carbon steel.
The characteristic of the stainless steel wire basket is working long time,smooth surface,mainly uses in the filter industry,medical disinfect,food washing.By our seamless butt welding and micro resistance welding technique,there is no prominent weld spot and rough selvedge.
SUS 314 wire mesh basket can be working in the high tempreature in 1200 degree,and we stock a range of wire mesh materials for the basket.

Support wire rod diameter: 3mm to 8mm
Mesh opening: 2mm to 30mm

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